Even the FBI recommends using an ads blocker

Give the gift of security this holiday season by using an ad blocker. The FBI, an unexpected source, issued an alert this week warning that cybercriminals are utilizing internet adverts in search results with the ultimate objective of stealing or extorting money from victims. That is the takeaway message.

Jan 2, 2023 - 03:09
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Even the FBI recommends using an ads blocker
Featured photo credit: Xiao Ping via pkyee.com

The FBI warned the public ahead of the holidays that online fraudsters are purchasing advertisements to pose as trustworthy companies like bitcoin exchanges. According to the FBI, advertising are frequently displayed at the top of search results but with "little differentiation" from the search results, which can have branding that is identical to that of the companies that the cybercriminals are impersonating. Malicious advertising are also used to deceive users into installing malware disguising itself as legitimate software that can steal passwords and spread ransomware that encrypts files.

Installing an ad blocker is one of the consumer suggestions made by the FBI.

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